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Owning woodland is fun and rewarding. But we know it is not always easy to find the information you are looking for or get the help you need. Since 1975, we have been the organization that works to help, support and represent the interests of small woodland owners.

Annual Appeal

Our Annual Appeal has begun. After reaching and exceeding last year's goal of $50,000, we have set our target for 2015-16 at $55,000.


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Plan for the Future of your Woodlot

Succession Planning Informational Series Planning for the future of your woodland or succession planning is something all woodland owners must do to ensure the future stewardship of their property.

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Plan for the Future of your Woodlot

Succession Planning

This interactive program was designed with the private woodland owner in mind. Try it yourself to see if you are already a woodland steward.

Interactive Program

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Watch a video of woodland stewardship (left). Brought to you by the Maine Forest Service

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Take a Conservation SurveyTake a Conservation Survey
Take a survey and help determine state and local natural resource programs and funding opportunities in the coming five year cycle.  

Shoreland Zoning Affects Timber Harvesting StatewideShoreland Zoning Affects Timber Harvesting Statewide
Shoreland zoning laws help to keep our waters clean; at least that’s the intent. This set of laws, as it relates to timber harvesting ...

Shearing a Few Trees for ChristmasShearing a Few Trees for Christmas
Like a lot of woodland owners, we usually select a wild tree for Christmas from our land each year.  But several years back, we also planted some balsam firs.